Evangelism is not about convincing people to believe what you believe.
It's about proclaiming Christ.

We want to personally share the gospel with 52,000 people by the end of 2018. We can do that if 1,000 people share with just one person each week! Will you be 1 in one thousand?


Sharing the gospel can be an intimidating experience. That's why we've put together a variety of resources below to help you.

John 3:16 - The Good News in 1 Verse Life's Greatest Question Tract Gospel Conversation Outline Gospel Conversation Booklet Gospel Conversation Card


In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents. Luke 15:10
October 296 444 30
November 5 227 361 31
November 12 279 719 30
November 19 193 420 23
November 26 180 397 19
December 4 230 497 21
December 10 228 448 39
December 17 220 654 66
December 24 134 311 7
December 31 152 336 22
January 7 198 302 10
January 14 138 230 19
January 21 184 308 11
January 28 96 177 5
February 4 201 447 19
February 11 202 346 11
February 18 137 297 12
February 25 237 384 10
March 4 210 367 4
March 11 220 433 26
March 18 182 304 14
March 25 264 451 12
April 1 161 317 8
April 8 187 332 10
April 15 198 313 20
April 22 181 437 30
April 29 186 343 27
May 6 173 269 21
May 13 73 181 33
May 20 146 345 30
May 27 164 293 26
June 10 229 358 24
June 17 154 353 30
June 24 189 392 33
July 1 210 463 31
July 8 157 294 15
Totals 6,816 13,323 779


My wife and I go to the youth crisis center every Thursday and every second Saturday of the month. My wife ministers to the young ladies and I minister to the young men. The Lord has blessed us to see young people come to Christ weekly for over 15 years. We not only see them saved but we also disciple them. We have also seen some of the staff come to Christ. To God be the Glory. -Anthony
I live in a brand new neighborhood, and I met a lady who is Catholic. She was going through a lot of trials, and the Lord convicted me that I should share the Gospel with her. I hadn't done that, but I had been praying for her whenever I walked past her house. Today was a divine appointment! I was out in my yard and she walked by and said hello. I invited her in and shared a tract with her. She promised me that she would come to church with me when she gets back from her trip in July. God is so good! He brought this lady right to my door and gave me the privilege of sharing the Gospel with her. -Barbara
I have been praying for my next door neighbor that the Lord will give me opportunity to talk to her about God and to invite her to come to church with me. God answered my prayer. She is coming to church with me. Praying now that nothing will hinder her from coming and that she will come to know the Lord. -Edith
Shared the gospel with the hairdresser who was cutting my hair. She was raised catholic and isn't attending church anywhere. I shared the importance of having a relationship with God and invited her to church. She wants to start attending church again! -Daniyela
I visit with the prison ministry along with many other men from our church. Over the last couple of months I have had the opportunity to witness to these men in prison and lead 2 to Christ in salvation. -Richard
I had dinner tonight with a couple whom I've known for some years. The wife is saved and her husband is an atheist. His greatest fear is "not being perfect". I assured him that I was not either. I told him I believed that many things in this world were possible, including Jesus living a sinless life. It felt good to speak to them on this Good Friday. -Kareem
We visited today with a lady named Yvonne. She didn’t fully understand her security in Christ through His grace, but after our visit she did understand the Gospel fully. We also spoke to a 13 year old young man, Josiah, and he trusted Jesus Christ for His salvation! Praise the Lord. It is a true joy to be 1 in 1000 telling people of the grace of God. -Steve
Shared the full gospel while traveling. The man was a veteran and wondered how God could allow suffering and war. We talked about how the worst tragedy in history was the death of Christ, but Jesus rose from the grave. We talked for 45 minutes because he kept asking questions and wanted to know more. -Sean
I shared Jesus with a coworker. She said that she used to attend church but walked away years ago. I asked if she has accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior, she told me that she believes she has. I invited her to church for the Christmas specials, she said that she'll think about it. -Eva
Our son, Joey, shared Jesus with a new visitor in 2nd grade choir. He didn't receive Christ at that time but a seed was planted. -Joey
Shared with a man who was raised Catholic and is trusting in his good works to save him. Shared Romans 6 with him and how we cannot rely upon them to get us into heaven. I hope to talk with him more in the future. -Sean