Kingdom Kidz

Prime Time Christmas

6:00 PM • Main Auditorium

Christmas is just around the corner! Kick off the season with the Kingdom Kidz Choir as they present Christmas from around the world in their musical, Prime Time Christmas.

Celebrate the Gift

6:30 PM • Lindsay Memorial Auditorium

If you've never seen our Primary Kingdom Kidz Choir in their Christmas musical, you're in for a treat! Watch our K4-1st graders as they present "Celebrate the Gift," complete with music, singing, and unforgettable costumes.

Christmas at the Town Center

4:00-6:00 PM • St. John's Town Center (in front of Maggiano's)

Join us as we take "A Downtown Christmas" on the road! Our choirs will sing at the St. John's Town Center in front of Maggiano's.

A Christmas Symphony

6:00 PM • Main Auditorium

The FBC JAX Orchestra returns this year to present A Christmas Symphony. From traditional Christmas music to hymns and instrumental arrangements, it's a wonderful celebration for all ages. We would love to see you there!

Christmas Spectacular

6:00 PM • Main Auditorium

A Celebration of the sights, sounds, and meaning of Christmas, featuring the student and adult Choirs and Orchestras.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

5:00 PM • Main Auditorium

One of our favorite annual traditions is the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. Join us for this special service as we light our candles, read the Christmas story, and worship together.

Christmas is a time of hope and anticipation. Presents are piled up under trees in homes. Department stores call to us with things we cannot live without and things we must give if we love our friends and family. The tragedy is that every year we get roped into the same hollow claims and find ourselves just as empty at noon on Christmas day, even though we have opened every present.

Think back to the first Christmas. Think about Mary and Joseph. Did they receive the news of the coming Messiah like Ralphie embraced his Red Ryder BB gun? Probably not. They experienced fear, concern, shame, and a lot of doubt with the news they received. They had to walk by faith–just like we do today. Theirs was a difficult assignment, which is likely the reason that God surrounded them with so many voices of encouragement.

Think now about your life and this Christmas. What you really need doesn’t come under a tree. It would be so much easier if we could receive what we really want wrapped in a beautiful package. If only we could solve people’s problems with money or a gift. The truth is that Jesus is the answer to the deepest longings of our heart. How busy has your heart been in the last few weeks looking for something to bring you peace? How active have your eyes been looking for hope? How much have you worked to make home the perfect place for love this year? Jesus is what we really need.

The promise of God is more love, hope, and peace than you’ve ever imagined, but you can miss the miracle by having no room in your life for Jesus - just like the inns in Bethlehem. This year, open your heart to Jesus and receive a gift that will last for eternity. If you’d like to worship with us this Christmas or talk to someone about your relationship with Jesus, we invite you to click one of the buttons below.

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Prison Ministry Cookie Collection

Have a favorite cookie recipe? Bake a few dozen extra this year and drop them off for our annual Prison Ministry Cookie Collection on December 13th. Your homemade cookies allow us the opportunity to share with prisoners the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Click below for packing instructions, drop-off locations, and some testimonies, and thank you for your faithfulness in sharing the gospel!


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For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.
John 3:16