Jesus said much in His teachings about money. As a follower of Christ, we must follow His commands in the area of finances, just as we do His commands on prayer, worship, service, marriage, relationships, etc. Unfortunately, even though our hearts may desire to follow Him in this area, our financial situation often prevents us from doing so regularly or generously. If you find yourself in this circumstance, plan now to be part of one of our new 6-week studies. Together, we will learn more about financial discipleship, as well as practical tools and strategies for bringing your financial situation under God's control.

Money Matters: Financial Discipleship Training

Drowning in debt? Struggling with money? Is money causing conflict in your marriage or business? Get practical, biblical help through our financial discipleship classes.

Navigating Your Finances God's Way

Time: 4:45-5:45 PM (6 Weeks)
Location: A-401
Facilitator: Jerry Rigdon
Cost: $9 (workbook)
Topics include God's Part & Our Part, Debt & Counsel, Generosity & Honesty, Saving & Investing, Work & Children, Finishing Well

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Money and Marriage God's Way

Time: 3:45-5:45 PM (6 Weeks)
Location: A-416
Facilitator: Josh Kettren
Cost: $39 (book & workbooks)
Topics include Building a Healthy Marriage, Responsibilities of Handling Money, "One Anothers" and Financial Decisions, Financial Management and Conflict Resolution, Storms of Life and Finishing Strong

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Business God's Way

Time: 4:45-5:45 PM (6 Weeks)
Location: A-412
Facilitator: Todd Coleman
Cost: $9 (workbook)
Topics include Starting Well, Values, Strategy, People, Finances, Finishing Well

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Setting Your House in Order

Time: 3:45-5:45 PM (5 Weeks)
Location: A-411
Facilitator: Tom Stimler
Cost: $35 (book & workbooks)
Topics include Getting Started, Building the Foundation, Taking Inventory, Providing for Your Loved Ones, Leaving Legacy

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