At First Baptist Church, we are people who serve. We are so thankful for the many people who work tirelessly serving our church and community. Here's a highlight of some of the women from our Downtown and Nocatee Campuses. 

Kim Mitchell

Kim Mitchell leads one of First Baptist’s Women of the Word in-home Bible studies where she shows women how to study and discover the precious truth in God’s Word. Seasons of marriage, parenting, widowhood, remarriage, and caregiving have given her rich wisdom and a deep love for Scripture.

“God has given me a passion for loving women with His Word by leading them into the depths of Scriptures and sharing how to study the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God continues to faithfully remind me that when women study His Word together, each woman is essential to the support and encouragement of the whole group. He is fulfilling his design of the “whole body growing and building itself up in love,” through the women in the group (Ephesians 4:16). Our love for Him and His Word grows deeper as we learn to fix our eyes on Jesus and walk in His ways.”

Carla Montgomery

Carla Montgomery has been teaching second grade girls on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings since 2019. You can find her weekly leading roundtable discussions of all the weighty, biblical topics second grade girls have questions about.

“Seeing the enthusiasm of the kids and watching them learn and grow in the Lord is a beautiful thing. I didn’t think I was capable of serving in this area, but it has been pure joy. I decided to step out in faith, and I’ve been blessed beyond measure.”





Erica Crabtree


Erica Crabtree is a lifelong member of First Baptist Church, and has directed the Shine Special Needs Ministry since 2017. You’ll find her faithfully and joyfully teaching her class each Sunday. 


I went in to this ministry knowing nothing about special needs, except I knew this is where God called me. I knew if this is where He called me, He would help me. I love that we have a place where everyone feels like they belong. When they step foot into the church, they are loved. There is a place for everyone to learn about their Maker in the way that God made them to learn.