My Church Notebook: Come Into His Presence is designed for first through sixth-grade students to use during church services and for application at home. It teaches them to actively listen to the sermon, take notes, recognize key points and ask questions. In response to what they hear, children can determine what God wants them to think, be or do. With God’s help, children can discover who He is, understand more of His Word, and grow in their love for the truth. My Church Notebook helps children to concentrate on God as they come into His presence.

Students are provided with seven prompts or questions to answer and are given additional space for further notes or drawings. A guide at the beginning of the notebook teaches children the value of being able to attend church with their parents, gives suggestions on what they can do to prepare for attending the service and instructions on how to use their My Church Notebook during the service. Parents are also given tips on how to encourage and guide their children during the service.

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