Welcome to the Preschool Ministry of First Baptist Church, also known as Sunshine Station! Our teachers and classrooms are overflowing with excitement as we seek to love and nurture your preschooler. When your children come to FBC, they are not just coming to a nursery, but instead are entering a designated and designed space of fun, safety, and biblical learning. Every time your preschooler visits our Preschool Ministry, they will experience Bible truths and stories in a relevant and meaningful way. Even babies can learn and sense God’s love and security as dedicated teachers care for them at church.

At First Baptist Jacksonville, we are committed to helping your preschooler:

  • Know that Jesus loves him/her.
  • Begin to associate God with feelings of wonder, love, and happiness.
  • Desire to talk to God in his/her own way.
  • Learn that the Bible is a special book and become familiar with and enjoy Bible stories, Bible learning activities, and scriptures that are developmentally appropriate for him/her.
  • Feel comfortable and happy, loved and wanted, secure and unhurried.
  • Feel more secure with adults, other children, and in new situations.
  • Think of church as a place where he or she can have happy experiences and make special friends.

We welcome the opportunity to minister to you and your family. If you are planning to visit us for the first time, we invite you to click here to "Plan your Visit" or simply stop by any Guest Registration Desk located throughout the campus to be connected to the Preschool Ministry. 

Preschool Sunday School
Sunday Mornings, 9:00 AM
Sunday School is an important part of every preschooler’s development. At First Baptist Jacksonville, we believe that preschoolers learn best through play. Keeping this in mind, we strive to teach boys and girls about God, Jesus, and the Bible by carefully planning play activities that are structured and purposeful. As children and teachers interact with Bible learning activities, the teacher's role is to lead the discussion and turn it toward Biblical truths. Our prayer is that your preschooler will look forward to attending church and learning more about God and His love for them. 


Extended Teaching Care (ETC) Hour
Sundays, 10:30 AM, Infants-PreK
Sundays, 6:00 PM, Infants-Kindergarten
Each Sunday morning and evening, preschoolers (Infants – PreK) participate in the ETC (Extended Teaching Care) hour. While parents attend worship, preschoolers enjoy an hour of Bible Story Group Time, Arts & Crafts, Bible Learning Stations, and Music. This hour reinforces the concepts taught during the Sunday School hour. Parents are an integral part of our ETC ministry as they can partner with us in teaching our preschoolers about Jesus.



For more information about the programs please contact the Preschool Office at 904.366.1139.

Preschool Ministry Coordinator Shawna Holt
Children's Ministry Volunteer Coordinator Bobbie Reiter