God has called parents to be the primary disciplers of their children, and we want to help equip them to cultivate gospel-centered conversations at home.  The gospel changes everything.  As we maintain a total commitment to the Bible, we strive to point all of our children and students to the glorious gospel so that they can grow in their real love for Jesus. 

Lifeway has made it easy to connect what your student is taught at church to your own Family Worship. Download the Family Worship Guide for each week here: 

Aug 29 AUG29athometgp_family_worship_u36_s4.pdf

Sept 5 SEPT5athometgp_family_worship_u01_s1.pdf

Sept 12 athometgp_family_worship_u03_s2.pdf

Sept 19 athometgp_family_worship_u02_s4.pdf

Sept 26 athometgp_family_worship_u03_s1.pdf

Oct 3 athometgp_family_worship_u02_s3.pdf

Oct 10 athometgp_family_worship_u02_s2.pdf

Oct 17 athometgp_family_worship_u02_s1.pdf

Oct 24 athometgp_family_worship_u01_s3.pdf

Oct 31 athometgp_family_worship_u01_s2.pdf

To access Lifeway's @Home for families:

1. Head to The Gospel Project @Home page here

2. You will be prompted to log in. This is for your Lifeway account, and you will need to create a username/password if you have not already done so previously. 

3. Once logged in, you can select the current week and lead your family in a gospel centered time of worship together! Family prayer and activities are available for download, as well as the weekly Bible lesson videos and music. See below for helpful hints from Lifeway. You can also download the guide here: athometgp_instructions.pdf


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