Multiple Marital Troubles

My wife and I are so thankful for the Grace Center, Dr. Baker, and Pastor Clifton and the work that they do. We came for marital counseling, not knowing what to expect. However, we were quickly encouraged to find out that our counseling would not be based on determining the guilty party in our struggles. Instead, we would be focused on identifying our deepest sins that led to our marital conflicts. It was a humbling and sanctifying experience, and my wife and I are closer than ever.

Our marriage was in significant trouble after years of unresolved marital conflicts and extreme mood swings. This resulted in trust being broken in every area of our marriage and chaos in the functioning of our home and with children. We have now been reconciled. We have learned to manage emotions biblically and are now practicing conflict resolution skills with a desire to glorify the Lord.

Our marriage struggled for many years because of sexual sin that was centered around gender confusion and pornography. For the past three years, God has used His Word and the counselors at The Grace Center to point us to Him and now we are reconciled, walking with the Lord, have a strengthened relationship with our children, are experiencing a stronger life of intimacy and are experiencing His grace and unity in our marriage and our home in new ways.


Long-term Marital Discontent

Biblical counseling opened my eyes and heart to the idols in my life that had chained me to my deceptive sin. I was trapped and wasn't even fully aware it had happened. These idols allowed me to hurt and offend those I loved around me. Once the idols were exposed and my issues were identified, I could begin to truly repent of my sins, ask forgiveness from God and my spouse. I could believe God had transformed us individually and our marriage together. I could be truly thankful, trusting God, His guidance, and His wisdom.

We've also been thankful for learning and putting into practice Peacemaking Principles. How to properly identify and confess a wrongdoing and how to ask true forgiveness with meaning and love.

I am so thankful for the guidance and counsel provided by my loving family at FBC JAX. And for a loving Holy Father who never gives upon us!


The Weight of Trials

I felt I was spiritually dying and had no hope or joy. Going to The Grace Center was my last hope! Meeting and talking with Josie helped me to see God was molding me and making me into a better Christian. I needed to be broken to get back to where I needed to be with God. Josie has been so gentle and sweet, showing me how to deal with anger, hopelessness, and physical and mental tiredness. I am so thankful for her and her knowledge of God’s Word. I no longer feel the anger, loss of hope
or loss of joy in my life. I feel a peace about the things that brought me so low. I see God’s hand at work in my life.


Dealing with Doubts

I am truly grateful for The Grace Center Counseling Center. At a very doubtful point in my life where I needed to hear God’s voice and follow His truths, the counselor was able to help me understand that whatever I’m facing to stand on the Word of God and use His Word to be a light to guide me back into His will. Trusting God’s Word has healed and restored areas in my life where I needed it most.


Overcoming Insecurities

I cannot express how thankful our family is for Sean and The Grace Center. Our granddaughter was struggling with issues beyond her control. Through counseling, Sean equipped her to overcome insecurities and move forward. He gave us tools to use during counseling and at home. We are so grateful for the methods used for counseling.


Grief and Suffering

After the death of my husband, I sought counseling through the Grace Counseling Center at First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida. Josie Padilla was my counselor and from her guidance, I was taught how to dig deeper into God's Word. I learned to see God's character, plan, and purposes for my life even thru suffering. My heart is still broken but I am drawn closer to God thru the Gospel and sharing it with others. Life is not about me. Thank you, Josie.


Stress and Anxiety

I was suffering from stress and anxiety, and the thought even crossed my mind that death would be welcome. I came to the Grace Center and my counselor encouraged me to look into God’s Word. As I did that I realized I wasn’t seeking the Glory of God, but praise for myself because I was a people pleaser. Through it all I’ve learned “God is enough!”

I suffer from anxiety and depression. For months I was fighting for my life and lost my faith and believed God was not there for me when I needed Him the most. Then with counseling and help, God brought me from death to life. Christ has changed my life, and I believe that He truly does not give us more than we can handle. He is the king of my world, and I am blessed to be His child!


Growing Spiritually

My counselor helped sort out the area of improvement in my spiritual walk. We identified them, set goals, and completed one-on-one visits, and Zoom meetings. She is very professional, called me, and lovingly helped me meet my spiritual needs as a woman, mom, and daughter of God.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for investing time in my spiritual growth. I've learned so much of God's Word through our study together. You have been an incredible role model for me. I know in my heart that us getting together was never a coincidence because we serve on Omniscience God. He knew all along that I would be in need of a great spiritual leader to guide me in my times of trouble and He sent you.
Thank you so much!
May the Lord always bless you and help your Ministry grow.
You're a wonderful woman of God.