Blended Family/Family Conflict

The six months that my husband and I spent at Grace Center were vital in teaching us how to deal with a difficult ‘blended family’ situation that had threatened to sabotage our otherwise very happy, fulfilling and blessed marriage. With specific instruction, firm accountability, and gentle discipline, we were reminded weekly that the Word has practical answers, effectual truths, and an abundance of encouragement towards attainable goals that can be reached by making simple, but significant changes in how we respond to conflict, how we prioritize, and how we demonstrate love for one another, in spite of the temporal circumstances that sometimes seem to overwhelm us.

Not only are we in a better place relationally today, but we have practical tools to use in resolving conflict, maintaining right priorities, recognizing furtive idols, and dealing with difficult situations – and each other – with even more love and an abundance of grace.

I cannot recommend this powerful, precious ministry to you highly enough, and will be forever grateful to everyone involved for the restoration of gladness and joy that we had somehow lost in the process of learning to live with and to love all of our multi-faceted and very diverse blended family. We are all better for it, and are careful to give God the glory while also deeply appreciating His faithful servants at Grace who loved, listened to, comforted, encouraged and talked to us while we made our way back to the center of His will.

Marriage Restoration After Adultery

Biblical counseling saved our marriage of thirty plus years. We had grown apart to the point we were living separate lives and divorce was on the horizon. We barely talked much less express love for one another. Biblical counseling brought us back together and more importantly back to Christ. We thank God and give him the glory of saving our marriage through use of biblical counseling. Today we are in a happy healthy relationship endeavoring to worship Christ the best we can. And be a loving companion for each other. All we can say is thank God for biblical counseling and its Counselors.

Mediation After Divorce

My ex-wife and I began meeting with The Grace Counseling Center, seeing Dr. Ernie Baker one-on-one prior to meeting for mediation. Enough praise cannot be said for Godly, Christian counseling - prior to our divorce after 23 years of marriage, and after having seen several non-Christian councilors for almost five years, we got in touch with a true man of God with the right tools & experience to teach us according to the Bible. After approximately 8-10 weeks of preparation, we met with the Grace Counseling Team - we confessed our sins, giving glory to God. By God's grace, and true Biblical counseling, we both have been set-free from the hurt and pain we had caused each other, the hurt we had experienced in our broken relationship, and the burden I personally carried for years afterwards. I am learning to live each day for Christ, and have a strong desire to tell others what He has done for me. Thank-you Dr. Baker, and your Team (Jackie, Brad, and Marilyn) for all you have done, and the change I have experienced since reconciliation - a huge burden has been lifted.

Family Mediation

Our family was being destroyed.... Thanks to pinpointed Bible study and biblical counseling at the FBC Grace Center, we have been able to get focused back on the things that really matter to God, including eliminating the idol of comfort and digging out of the pit of depression and misunderstanding. The Word of God is the "key" to wholeness and healing. Through a process of mediation, we worked through issues, forgave one another and were reconciled. We are still on the journey but by biblical counseling, we have been able to make great progress forward and what the evil one meant to obliterate has been used for God's glory and our healing.

Marriage Counseling for Extreme Anger and Conflict Resolution

My husband and I are so thankful for all you've done for us. The counseling sessions have helped us tremendously in every aspect of our lives. We're finally communicating more effectively and things at home are running much smoother. It feels so good to arrive at my house now at the end of a busy, stressful day at work. We no longer have that feeling of frustration and hopelessness. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.