FBC JAX is globally focused on missions. We currently have partners working around the world engaged in the task of taking the Good News to a lost and dying world. We take Christ’s command to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth seriously and our commitment to this work is ongoing and will not end until Jesus Christ returns. Through our partnerships with the International Mission Board, Christian Light Ministries, and other independent sending agencies, FBC JAX has developed a network of missionaries that we support, through direct donations, the Cooperative Program, and prayer.

For more information on how you can become involved, contact the Missions Ministry at 904.366.1325 or email missions@fbcjax.com.

Where would I be serving?
North Africa
South Asia
Central Asia
Eastern Europe
Western Europe
Pacific Rim
Central America


What type of opportunities can I expect?

Working with Field Personnel –
Much work is being done by career missionaries within our partner areas. Their work requires time, effort, extensive labor. Come along side a field partner to assist with their work, care for their children, and even conduct Bible study with them and others.

Medical/Dental Missions – Health care professional are in great demand globally and many of the areas we partner with lack quality medical and dental care. There are opportunities to use your training in helping others who would not have any access to such care otherwise. 

English as a Second Language (ESL) – This is a chance for you to become engaged in the lives of people in these foreign lands. English is an international language for business yet many lack access to the education system where they can learn. You can go and teach and individual or a small group of people English while you share your faith, stories from scripture, and take part in dialogue that allows you to have an eternal impact in the lives of these people.

Humanitarian Aid – Disaster relief, construction, food distribution, medicine distribution, clothing distribution...these all fall under the heading of humanitarian aid and each is an avenue where you can assist in meeting the physical needs of people while being intentional about using these opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Walking / Vision Trips – This type of mission work requires a strong commitment to prayer and a long term vision for what God can do in an area yet to be engaged. Join a team that surveys a specific area and begins to claim that area for God by prayer-walking neighborhoods and asking God’s blessing and movement on the city.