August 13-14, 2021

$150 $25 (includes light breakfasts, lunches, and snacks)
Due to a generous donation, the cost is now only $25! Virtual attendance is also only $25!
Any questions? Contact Jacki Raulerson at or call (904) 366-1237.
Deadline to attend in person is Sunday, August 1, 2021.
Deadline to attend virtually is Wednesday, August 11, 2021.

Who should attend? Anyone interested in learning a biblical approach to any enslaving, habitual issues that humans struggle against, such as pornography and substance abuse:

  • ACBC Certified Counselors
  • Medical Professionals
  • Pastors and Ministry Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Parents

Why attend?

  • The reliance on opioids has led to the worst drug crisis in American history, and it is not getting better.
  • Over 81,000 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States in the 12 months ending in May 2020, the highest number of overdose deaths ever recorded in a 12-month period... (CDC).
  • Jacksonville has reported a 20% increase in 911 calls for overdoses since the onset of COVID-19!
  • But we have light to shine in the darkness (Isa. 16:1-2a)
  • The conference will also meet the requirements for the ACBC's addictions specialization (excluding the exams).*

God’s Word has answers for this crisis!

  • Mark Shaw, Founder of The Addiction Connection and Director of Grace Fellowship in Kentucky, will show how to utilize a genuinely biblical approach in serving people with addictions and the hope that is in the gospel for radically changing lives.
  • The presentation will also include a section on "addiction proof" parenting.
  • Cancellation policy:

    • Refunds, less 10%, are given if canceled by August 1; after August 1, refunds are not available.
    • *For ACBC certified counselors pursuing ACBC's Addictions Counseling Specialization, please note:

    • REQUIRED PRE-CONFERENCE RECORDINGS: Members are required to view the following 6 videos BEFORE taking the exam (It is in your best interest and ideal to watch these videos BEFORE the conference; the links to these videos will be sent to you by June):

      • Understanding Addictions Biblically – Mark Shaw
      • Understanding the Disease Model – Mark Shaw
      • Biblical Understanding of 12-Step Programs – Mark Shaw
      • Understanding and Evaluating Celebrate Recovery from a Biblical Perspective – Mark Shaw
      • Understanding and Evaluating Counseling Systems – Ernie Baker
      • Where to Begin with Life-Dominating Sins – Ernie Baker

    • REQUIRED READING: Members are required to read 1,200 pages from the following approved books:

      The Heart of Addiction, by Mark Shaw
      Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies, by Mark Shaw
      How Not to Raise and Addict, by Mark Shaw
      Divine Intervention: Hope and Help For Families of Addicts, by Mark Shaw
      Hope and Help for Gambling, by Mark Shaw
      Hope and Help for Video Game, TV, and Internet "Addiction, by Mark Shaw
      Putting Off Life Dominating Sins, by Susan Heck
      Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave, by Edward Welch
      Diehard Sins, by Rush Witt
      The Discipline of Grace, by Jerry Bridges
      Godliness Through Discipline, by Jay Adams
      Killing Sin Habits, by Stuart Scott
      Deception: Letting Go of Lying, by Lou Priolo
      Manipulation: Knowing How to Respond, by Lou Priolo
      The Enemy Within, by Kris Lundgaard
      The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life, by Jeremy Pierre
      Free Indeed, by Richard Ganz
      The Doctrine of Repentance, by Thomas Watson
      Freedom That Lasts, by Jim Berg


      Dr. Mark Shaw Dr. Mark Shaw Dr. Mark E. Shaw is the Founder of The Addiction Connection. He and his wife, Mary, have four children and have been married over 25 years. He serves as the Director of Counseling at Grace Fellowship Church in the northern Kentucky / Cincinnati area. His certifications include Indiana’s CADAC II certification, and biblical counseling certification with ACBC and IABC.

      He enjoys writing and is the author of over 20 published works including:

        • The Heart of Addiction: A Biblical Perspective
        • Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies
        • Divine Intervention: Hope and Help for Families of Addicts
        • Cross Talking: A Daily Gospel for Transforming Addicts
        • How Not to Raise an Addict: Biblical Prevention Strategies
        • Understanding Temptation: The War Within Your Heart

      Desiring to connect with and equip those on the front lines of addictions counseling, Dr. Shaw gathered together a leadership team and launched a relationally connected group of like-minded biblical addictions counselors known as The Addiction Connection (TAC). The leaders of TAC facilitate Training and Commissioning, Addiction Resourcing, and Community for those who are interested in utilizing a genuinely biblical approach to serve people with addictions. Surging interest in TAC is spreading across the USA and even internationally now. Find out more at

      Dr. Shaw’s passion can be summarized as follows: to glorify God through making disciple-makers by speaking the truth in love, seeing God fulfill Ephesians 4:11-16 in churches locally to globally.

      Ernie Baker Dr. Ernie Baker Ernie has the privilege of serving as Pastor of Counseling and Discipleship at First Baptist of Jacksonville where he helps oversee pastoral care and The Grace Center for Biblical Counseling.

      He received his M.Div. from Capital Bible Seminary, and his D.Min. in Pastoral Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary. Dr. Baker has been in ministry since 1980. Twenty-five of these years were spent in pastoral ministry, which included training and equipping pastors and laymen in the skills of discipleship counseling and conciliation before serving as Professor of Biblical Counseling at The Master’s University and Seminary. He is thankful to return to pastoral ministry now.

      He is a Certified Conciliator with The Institute for Christian Conciliation and teaches a number of conflict resolution courses along with doing conciliation. He is also a Fellow with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, a Council Board member of the Biblical Counseling Coalition. At The Master’s University and Seminary, he oversees the on-line Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Counseling degree and serves as an adjunct professor in the graduate degrees at the University and seminary. It has been his privilege to teach biblical counseling and conciliation in numerous foreign countries.

      Ernie is the author of: Marry Wisely, Marry Well; a blueprint for personal preparation (Shepherd Press); Help! I’m in a Conflict (Shepherd Press); contributing author to Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling (Harvest House); Scripture and Counseling, God’s Word for Life in a Broken World (Zondervan); Men Counseling Men (Harvest House); Biblical Counseling and the Church, God’s Help Through God’s People (Zondervan); What Happened in the Garden, the Reality and Ramifications of the Fall (Kregel) and numerous journal and magazine articles. He is married to Rose, and they have six children and 11 grandchildren.

      Steve Clifton Pastor Steve Clifton Born in Los Angeles, CA, Steve was adopted and then raised in Dyersburg, TN. He earned a Bachelor’s of Church Music Performance degree from Arkansas State University in 1983 and has completed post-graduate work in the field of Education. At the age of 21, after spending many years as an unregenerate church member, Steve felt God’s call on his life, and he repented and then surrendered to Him for salvation. Since then, Steve has served churches in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Florida. He came to First Baptist Jacksonville in 1996 as the Associate Minister of Worship. Since then, he has served on the Educational Staff in various ministry capacities, as the Pastor or Ministry Implementation and is now serving as the Pastor of Care and Discipleship; seeking to provide biblical counseling to all he meets with, counseling married and pre-marital couples, ministering to those in the hospitals and during times of bereavement, and giving oversight to our church’s prison ministry. He has his ACBC certification, plus ACBC’s Addictions Counseling Specialization. Steve and his wife, Laurie, have two children, Caleb and Sarah.


      Friday, August 13
      8:00-9:00 AM Registration and light breakfast
      9:00-9:50 AM Session 1
      How to Change Patterns of Thought and Behavior - Ernie Baker
      9:50-10:00 AM Break
      10:00-10:50 AM Session 2
      How to Change Patterns of Thought and Behavior, Part 2 - Ernie Baker
      10:50-11:00 AM Break
      11:00-11:50 AM Session 3
      The Role of the Church in Helping Someone Who is Addicted - Mark Shaw
      12:00-1:00 PM Lunch (provided)
      1:00-1:50 PM Session 4
      The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Change Process - Mark Shaw
      1:50-2:00 PM Break
      2:00-2:50 PM Session 5
      Medical Issues and Addictions - Mark Shaw
      2:50-3:00 PM Break
      3:00-3:50 PM Session 6
      Counseling and Substance Abuse - Steve Clifton
      3:50-4:00 PM Break
      4:00-4:50 PM Session 7
      Case Study and Practice
      Saturday, August 14
      8:00-9:00 AM Light Breakfast
      9:00-9:50 AM Session 8
      Counseling and Gambling - Mark Shaw
      9:50-10:00 AM Break
      10:00-10:50 AM Session 9
      Counseling and Sexual Sin - Ernie Baker
      10:50-11:00 AM Break
      11:00-11:50 AM Session 10
      Counseling an Addict's Enabler - Mark Shaw
      12:00-1:00 PM Lunch (provided)
      1:00-1:50 PM Session 11
      How to Conduct an Addiction Intervention - Mark Shaw
      1:50-2:00 PM Break
      2:00-2:50 PM Session 12
      Prevention Strategies for Addiction - Mark Shaw
      2:50-3:00 PM Break
      3:00-3:50 PM Session 13
      Counseling Families Impacted by Addiction - Mark Shaw
      3:50-4:00 PM Break
      4:00-4:50 PM Session 14
      Counseling Role Play